Charming towns in Mallorca ideals for an excursion
Charming towns in Mallorca ideals for an excursion
Do you know the charming towns in Mallorca ideals for an excursion? We will show you some of them.

In this post, we suggest you take a trip through some charming towns in Mallorca to visit them and discover they are ideal places for an excursion. Discover the essence of the island through its historic centres, monuments and the life that is breathed in its streets. Let's go there!

Mallorca island has many fantastic places to visit and thanks to its extension - which does not exceed 100 kilometres from end to end - it is possible to visit various charming towns in Mallorca in just one day. In them, we will discover their history and traditions, as well as unique natural landscapes and an atmosphere of incomparable tranquillity. If you are looking for a quiet place to spend a pleasant time, we recommend you take a pen and paper and take notes.

Mallorca’s south coast is full of small coastal towns that used to be old fishing villages, which are well worth a visit. Some of these charming towns in Mallorca are more popular than others, this is Manacor case, the second most populous city on the island after Palma, and famous for being the birthplace of Rafa Nadal.

If you want to make an excursion around it, you can visit the prehistoric settlement of l'Hospitalet Vell where you will find a large number of "talayots" and also the impressive Drach and Hams caves.

Continuing south, we find one of the charming villages of Mallorca that owes its name to Christopher Columbus (some say that he was born here). Its main attractions are the pier and one of the most beautiful coves and beaches on the island, Cala Marçal, a paradise of white sand and crystal clear waters.

Very close to Alcudia bay we find Artà, a historic Mallorcan town in a valley of Serra de Llevant, where we can visit the Sant Salvador Sanctuary, a 16th century fortress with a beautiful garden overlooking one of the Mallorcan charming towns. If you want to make a short excursion from here, you can visit Betlemhermitage, inhabited by hermits until 2010, or the Talayotic settlement of Ses Païses.

Hiking lovers can take one of the routes offered by Llevant Natural Park and the Green Way Manacor-Artà, a 30-kilometre route that follows the old railway that linked both cities.

This is one of the charming towns in Mallorca that has historically attracted more painters and artists, due to its beauty. Characters like the composer Chopin, after spending time with his wife, said it was the most beautiful place in the world. At Hotel Sant Jordi we recommend visiting Cartuja de Valldemossa to discover all its beauty.

The last of the charming towns in Mallorca that we want to recommend is Sóller, where it is possible to get from Palma through a series of tunnels and beautiful landscapes, on a 1912 train. Located in the "valley of oranges", this beautiful town has become one of the fashionable places thanks to the combination of idyllic beaches, a very special promenade and various hiking trails perfect for an excursion.

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