Myths and legends of Mallorca
Myths and legends of Mallorca
At Hotel Sant Jordi we love magic and we are moved by curiosity! Mallorca is an island with a lot of history and culture, something that is already reflected in its monuments, traditions and gastronomy. Of course, like any place with a self-respecting cultural tradition, the island has a large number of myths and popular legends that will leave us speechless and that give the island a special charm.

Below we bring you some of the most popular and mysterious legends of Mallorca, which accompany some of the most important monuments and unusual corners on the island. How much is real and how much is illusion in each of them? Do you dare to check it with a visit to these places?

The legend of Drac de na Coca
This well-known legend takes us back to events of the 17th century. Around that time, various disappearances took place on the island, attributed to a terrible dragon that lived in the sewers of Palma and came out at night to devour passers-by. The possible existence of this fearsome creature unleashed panic among the island's inhabitants, who barely left their homes at sunset.

Things changed when one day, a brave knight named Bartomeu Coch faced the dragon and killed it with his sword. The next day, it was discovered that the dragon was actually a crocodile that had grown up in the sewers. The gentleman gave the crocodile to his beloved, who embalmed and preserved it. Today, the real stuffed crocodile can be seen in the Diocesan Museum of Palma.

The legend of the Sóller train
Until April 16, 1912, the day of the inauguration of the train that connects Palma de Mallorca with the municipality of Sóller, reaching this town implied a long walk on foot or by carriage along winding and exhausting roads by the Tramuntana Mountains.

On the opening day, only a few families were able to access the privilege train; one of them, a young couple who was heading to Palma to begin their honeymoon. But that trip never happened: that same day, the bride caught her husband saying goodbye to her with a passionate kiss from her servant in the last car of the train. The girlfriend, betrayed and dying of jealousy, violently attacked the servant, both were suspended in the train car, on the verge of falling onto the track. The husband saved his mistress and the woman fell on the tracks, dying on the spot. Since then, according to legend, the spirit of the bride still travels inside the last car of the train, ready to throw overboard anyone/an unfaithful person who travels in this car and appears during the train tunnel path.

The legend of the sacred forest of Lluch
In the 13th century, a shepherd boy named Lluch found an image of the Virgin Mary carved in wood in the Escorca forest. He took it to his house, but the next day the image had disappeared, and he had returned to the woods. The shepherd repeated the operation several times, but the same thing always happened. The whole town was stunned and, finally, it was interpreted that it was a miracle and that the Virgin wanted to stay in the forest. A hermitage was built to venerate her and she was given the name of Mare de Déu de Lluch, patron saint of Mallorca.

These are just some of the legends of Mallorca that will surprise you and make you discover the most fantastic facet of this wonderful island. We invite you to visit Mallorca and discover more stories and enchanted places. If for your visit to the island you are looking for an ally to help you plan your trip, we tell you all the secrets of the island and offer you accommodation with all the comforts, Hotel Sant Jordi is your ideal option, located in First line of Palm Beach, with spacious rooms, swimming pool, sauna, gym and 24-hour reception service. In addition, we are a pet friendly hotel.