How to enjoy the gastronomy of Mallorca
How to enjoy the gastronomy of Mallorca
How to enjoy the gastronomy of Mallorca

Palma stands out for being a first-class tourist destination, as it combines the best landscapes, monuments and the charm of a unique city with the best typical gastronomy of Mallorca. You still don't know the island? Come and discover the dishes and recipes typical of the Balearic Islands at Hotel Sant Jordi and let yourself be surprised!

Mediterranean diet

The basic ingredients that make up the typical gastronomy of Mallorca are rich and varied, based on the cultivation of vegetables and cereals, local meats and fresh fish from our coasts. The island has a great pastry and baking tradition that delights everyone who tries it, and which dates back to the 14th century, being one of the oldest guilds in the country. In fact, many of the ovens in Palma de Mallorca are over 200 years old!

The typical gastronomy of Mallorca is based on a Mediterranean diet that stands out for being balanced, very healthy and tasty. The dishes are made using all kinds of fish and shellfish, fresh vegetables and legumes such as garlic, tomato, aubergine, pepper, potato, artichoke or onion. The meat par excellence is pork, with which the famous Majorcan ensaimadas are made, although a lot of olive oil is also used as vegetable fat in the rest of the recipes.


Probably the best-known product of typical Mallorcan gastronomy is the ensaimada, a soft and sweet shell-shaped pastry that can be eaten alone, as a dessert or filled with chocolate, sobrassada or honey. A true delight for sweet lovers!


Another great product that stands out in our kitchen is sobrassada, a sausage with designation of origin that can be eaten on toast or combined with other ingredients to give a special touch to our dishes. You can't leave without trying it!

Typical dishes

The "frit" is another of the traditional dishes of the typical gastronomy of Mallorca that you have to try. Its origin is Jewish and it is mentioned in many old cookbooks, such as the Book of Sent Soví from the 14th century. At Hotel Sant Jordi we also recommend you try coca de trempó, a kind of varied recapte coca, made with products from the garden, with fresh ensaimada dough and roasted peppers.

If you're hungry, we recommend you try “arròs brut”, a soupy and spicy rice dish that is very comforting, or “cocarroi”, a kind of round pie typical of the island. For vegetarians there are also options, such as tumbet, a dish made with vegetables cut into slices and covered with a delicious typical sauce. For dessert we recommend the Inca cookies, the sugary rosary, the rubieol or the crespeis.


Come and enjoy the best typical Mallorcan cuisine at our hotel restaurant, which has a large dining room and offers a wide range of cuisine with traditional dishes from the island as well as our "theme nights" with the celebration of different cultures and cuisines such as tex-mex, Asian night, Mallorcan night and the gala nights.

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Make your reservation now and enjoy with us the best of the typical gastronomy of Mallorca. Bon Apetit!