The best cycling routes through the Tramuntana Mountains
The best cycling routes through the Tramuntana Mountains
Discover the beauty of the Tramuntana Mountains by bike during April
If you like mountain biking, there is no better place to explore than the Tramuntana Mountains in Mallorca. With its incredible panoramic views, lush forests and picturesque villages, this mountain range that stretches along the west coast of the island is the ideal setting for an exciting adventure on two wheels. And if you plan your trip in April, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the perfect climate to walk the trails and roads that cross this impressive protected natural area.

The Tramuntana Mountains offers various routes for all levels, from easier and flatter routes to more challenging routes that put cyclists' skills and endurance to the test. In addition, spring is the ideal time to tour the mountains by bicycle, when the mountains are filled with colors and fragrances, with a perfect climate to enjoy a day outdoors.

Preparations for the trip

In order to fully enjoy your cycling experience in Tramuntana Mountains, it is important that you make sure that you are prepared for the terrain and conditions that you will find in the area. Make sure you have a bike that's suitable for mountain biking, with the right tires and suspension that can absorb the bumps and bumps in the road. Also, take appropriate clothing and equipment with you, such as a helmet, gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen, and enough water and food for the day.

The best routes

For experienced cyclists, one of the most popular routes is the one that leads to Puig Major, the highest point on the island with an altitude of 1,436 meters. On this route, cyclists can enjoy a challenge in stunning scenery. The route begins in Sóller, and after touring the port of Sóller, it goes into the mountains of the Tramuntana. Throughout the course, cyclists can enjoy stunning views of the coast and the mountainous landscape.

One of the most challenging routes for cyclists, which extends for 70 km and has a positive slope of 2000 meters. This route is destined for one of the most popular ascents worldwide, Sa Calobra, known for its winding path and spectacular natural beauty. During the journey you will also be able to enjoy the Coll de sa Batalla, a part of the Puig Major (Escorca) and the Coll dels Reís.

Another popular route is the one that goes from Palma to Valldemossa, a charming little town located at the foot of the Tramuntana Mountains. This route is quite flat and does not present great unevenness, so it is ideal for beginners. Throughout the route, cyclists can enjoy panoramic views of Palma Bay and the Mediterranean.

For a shorter route, the one that goes from Deià to Port de Sóller is an excellent option. This route starts in the picturesque town of Deià and runs along the Tramuntana coast until it reaches Port de Sóller, a beautiful bay surrounded by mountains. During the tour, cyclists can enjoy stunning views of the sea and the rocky coastline.

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