Two unique and special activities in Mallorca
Two unique and special activities in Mallorca

Are you an adventurer? Are you traveling to Mallorca and looking for different plans to get to know it? Do you like adrenaline and limit experiences? We bring you two exclusive plans to enjoy the island as few will! And it is that Mallorca is a paradisiacal island with an impressive coast that contrasts with its mountains full of life, its cliffs and its culture: its imposing cathedral, its ports, its towns... If you are looking for a bit of action and want to get to know Mallorca from an unusual angle, without a doubt, seeing it from the sky is your plan!

Here we bring you two very special suggestions to get to know Mallorca from above:

Helicopter flight over the Tramuntana Mountains
You read correctly, yes. A 30-minute helicopter flight over the Tramuntana promises to be a truly breathtaking experience. From the air, you will have access to unique views that will allow you to have a new perspective of the majestic Tramuntana Mountains.

From above you will be able to discover the most beautiful area of the mountains and you will even see some of its inaccessible parts on foot. You will also be able to glimpse some of the island's natural monuments, such as Sa Foradada, and locate popular cities and towns such as Valldemossa, Deià or Sóller.

Of course, you will be accompanied by the best team, who will ensure your safety at all times and will explain everything to you in detail during the trip.

Balloon flight at sunrise
Not all plans are worth losing sleep over or getting up early, but we assure you that this is one of those occasions that is undoubtedly worth it.

Flying in a hot air balloon is the dream of many, something that everyone has on their list of things to do before they die. Whether you've already checked that task off your list or you're waiting for the perfect opportunity... This is the perfect time to experience one of the most memorable sunrises of your life!

Imagine yourself in the twilight of dawn, boarding one of the first aerial inventions of science, defying gravity and rising little by little with the warmth and power of the balloon, while the darkness gives way to the pink, orange and yellow hues that illuminate the horizon and mix with each other and fade to the rhythm in which you ascend through the sky. A work of art resulting from the combination of science and nature only accessible to the luckiest.

In addition, we will not only be able to enjoy spectacular views, but we will also have the privilege of flying with expert pilots, some of whom have been European champions; that will teach us some of the keys to the management and operation of this fabulous invention. Without a doubt, we have all the ingredients for a sunrise that will be unforgettable.

An accommodation that meets our expectations
All these experiences must be accompanied, of course, by a true home that allows us to rest and enjoy Mallorca without worries. Hotel Sant Jordi is an exquisite 4-star hotel located on the cosmopolitan Palm Beach in Mallorca. Our rooms offer a luxurious and wide space from 22 to 30 m2 and come fully equipped for the traveler who needs a comfortable place to rest. In addition, we have an exquisite restaurant that uses only the highest quality products, perfect for those looking to indulge in the delicious delicacies of Mallorca without having to leave their accommodation.