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Reviews of guests who have booked on our website.

The following ratings and comments have been written by guests who have booked through our website. These people have given us permission to publish their name, the dates of their stay and the evaluation that they have made on our establishment.

Days after his departure from Hotel Sant Jordi, guests will receive a form for measuring quality and customer satisfaction sent by the company Ecommerce Hotels, the company ensures that assessments have been made by people who have been hosted in Hotel Sant Jordi, unlike the comments posted on opinion portals which do not guarantee that evaluations and comments have been made by people who stayed in our establishment.

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Bjoern Nosavik

Check-In: 2017-04-19
Check-Out: 2017-04-26

Nice Hotel with very good food and location.

2017-05-08 09:24:39

Tolo Pons

Director General

Dear Bjoern, Thank you so much for your comment, we hope you have enjoyed your holidays. Thank you again and see you soon!


Check-In: 2017-04-16
Check-Out: 2017-04-19

La reception

2017-05-02 09:42:55

Tolo Pons

Director General

Merci beaucoup, monsieur D'Allagnese, HOTEL SANT JORDI.

Hans Haase

Check-In: 2017-04-18
Check-Out: 2017-04-19

gutes ruhiges zIMMER; GUTES fRÜHSTÜCK

2017-05-08 10:48:19

Tolo Pons

Director General

Lieber Herr Haase, Wir freuen uns sehr auf Ihren Besuch und wir hoffen, ihn bald wieder hier zu sehen.

Klas Holm

Check-In: 2017-04-09
Check-Out: 2017-04-16


2017-04-20 21:25:10

Mike Walker

United States
Check-In: 2017-04-09
Check-Out: 2017-04-10

The location is close to the airport and beach. I stayed there with a group of friends in 2003 and 2004, so it bought back old fond memories.

Your hotel is a great value. Sant Jordi does not have all the amenities the Hoposa I came from had, but for the price point and location, Sant Jordi is a great combination of value, facilities, and services.

2017-04-16 13:21:12

Tolo Pons

Director General

Dear Mike, Thank you so much for your comment, we try to improve every day. We hope to see you again! HOTEL SANT JORDI.

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